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MeWe Activities and Events


Let's Talk Vol.4 - "NEW" Life, "NEW" Semester

Event Description

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Hopes and Concerns Workshop

This workshop will be an opportunity to provide space for BOTH ENGLISH AND JAPANESE BASIS STUDENTS to communicate freely and comfortably about their concerns of remote learnings during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and also their hope of change for their future.


Virtual Beppu

MeWe has created the Virtual Beppu for APU students who have not been able to enter Japan due to COVID-19. Wouldn't you like to explore and learn more about Beppu?

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01.31.22 - February

We-miss-you Campaign

With MeWe's We-miss-you campaign, we hope to allow students at home to not only interact with those who are also online, but also students and professors.

#WeMissYou #会いたいよ


Let's Talk Vol.3 - Bullying

This time we are delighted to have Professor Peter Roux - Associate Professor at APU, and former clinical psychologist to join our open and inclusive discussion.

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MeWe's Summer Giveaway

MeWe members want to share our support with you by giving 5 lucky people our care package. We have thoroughly selected these items just for you, with help from @fuwaflower and @paradisi_apu


Let's Talk Vol.2 - Self-deprecation

APU MeWe decided to host an open discussion event where every participant can feel free to discuss self-deprecation and spread awareness.

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Movie Night: Inside Out

INSIDE OUT is an animated film that indicates how human mental well-being is deeply important. Looking at how much influence this movie has on MeWe members, we decided to hold an event under this theme.


Let's Talk Vol.1 - Mental Health and Gen Z

Discussing different aspects of Mental Health:

- Identity Crisis

- Why is Gen Z so miserable?

- Mental Health in Japan

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