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Virtual Beppu

Have you ever felt like...

“The uncertain feeling of missing out because I know that my friends who are already in Japan are having fun with anyone, anywhere, without me. Some things are delayed, while others are canceled makes me feel left behind.”

MeWe wanted to help!

Our purpose for creating "Virtual Beppu" was to help International Students who are unable still in their home countries to feel more connected to APU and Beppu. We hope students will be able to have a glimpse of Beppu through this experience.

About MeWe's Virtual Beppu

On Friday, February 18th, 2022 ,we officially launched Virtual Beppu! Virtual Beppu was created by MeWe Events Team members, who put in a lot of hardwork and dedication into researching and creating a replica of Beppu on a platform called 'Gather Town.'

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 22.12.45.png

There were 3 time slots for participants to choose and join Virtual Beppu:

- Explore Beppu 1: 10 AM - 1PM JST

- Explore Beppu 2: 3 PM - 6PM JST

- Buddies Game night: 8 PM - 9:30 PM JST


The first 2 time slots were for participants to explore Virtual Beppu at their own pace and enjoy playing games or making new friends with other participants joining from all around the world.


The third time slot was a session where participants could play games and interact with other participants held by MeWe Buddies. Participants were led to Ruanmai (a Thai restaurant) to where they will be playing two games. The games MeWe Buddies held were 'Werewolf' and 'Spyfall.'

Virtual Beppu Map

Gather Town Instructions.pptx.png

When participants first enter Virtual Beppu, they will spawn at Beppu Station. From there they can access other areas such as Mochigahama Beach, Beppu Park, Hells of Beppu, and Beppu Food Area. Furthermore, there are signs where they can access to read about Gather Town instructions, watch a video about 'Beppu Tower,' look at pictures of 'Oita Kotsu Bus,' 'Kamenoi Bus,' and 'Beppu Station.'

Areas of Virtual Beppu

- Beppu Station


- Mochigahama

   An area famous for its various shopping sites

- Beppu Park


- Hells of Beppu

   Nationally recognized Onsen with some hot springs reaching over 100 degrees

   Celsius, hence the name “hell.”

- Gyomu Supermarket

   A supermarket that offers various of different foods, including halal food!

- Ruanmai



- Purunima


- Yakiniku King


- Starbucks


- McDonalds


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