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Let's Talk Event Vol.4 - "NEW" Life, "NEW" Semester

Around this time of year, it is likely that you will hear a lot about the "new XX". This event will focus on the new challenges of the semester for new students, students who have finally arrived in Japan and those who have changed from online to offline classes and are now living an unfamiliar life. This event is an opportunity for students to share their anxieties and stresses about their "NEW" environment, living, and lifestyle with their friends and seniors who are going through the same situation and to find ideas for solutions that would be suitable for themselves.

In the event, we will cover the following topics and activities.

In the first half of the event, while the " New XX " is full of expectations and ideals, there will be confrontations with "reality". It could be either a positive or negative reality. Before the discussion, share what that will be like.

During the discussion, we will discuss what works for each of us through our own experiences, such as being able to integrate and adapt to a new environment, and how to switch from online classes to on-campus classes, as COVID is still going on. 

Afterwards, there will be small tips and advices from senpais on how they overcame this situation when they faced it in real life.

Event Details:

Wednesday, April 20th 2022

20:00-21:20 JST



You can join our event by filling the registration form via link on MeWe's Instagram bio, scan the QR code above, or by accessing the link from today - April 19th!


Register here:

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