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MeWe HanaMe Event

APU MeWe recently hosted a hanami event, the HanaMe, which was a great opportunity for members to come together and enjoy the breath of spring and the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom. Despite hopes for a larger turnout, the event turned out to be a wholesome and enjoyable experience for those who were able to attend.

APU MeWeは先日、春の息吹と美しい桜の開花を楽しむお花見イベント「HanaMe」を開催し、メンバーが集まりました。

For those unfamiliar with the term, hanami is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of flowers, particularly cherry blossoms, during the spring season. It's a time to appreciate nature's beauty, spend time with friends and family, and reflect on the fleeting nature of life.

The APU MeWe HanaMe event was a great opportunity for new members to meet their senpai (upperclassmen) members and get to know each other better. It was also a chance for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Beppu Park and the cherry blossoms in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The event included a gohankai, which is a traditional Japanese term for a party or gathering that takes place after a significant event. In this case, it was a chance to enjoy a meal together and continue the conversations and connections that were accompanied by some pizza and snacks.

APU MeWe HanaMeイベントは、新メンバーが先輩メンバーと初めて対面で会える機会で、お互いのことをより深く知ることができる素晴らしい機会でした。また、別府公園の美しさと桜とのリラックスした雰囲気の中で楽しむことができました。


While the turnout may have been smaller than expected, the event was still a success in many ways. It provided an opportunity for members to come together and build community, something that is especially important, especially for the new students at APU.


The APU MeWe HanaMe event is just one example of the many ways that communities can come together and celebrate shared interests and traditions. Whether it's through hanami, gohankai, or other cultural practices, these events provide a space for people to connect and find common ground.

As we continue to navigate the challenges of the "new beginning" of spring, it's important to remember the power of community and the ways in which we can come together to support one another.

APU MeWe HanaMeイベントは、共通の趣味や日本の伝統を祝うことができる多くの方法で、こうしたイベントでメンバー同士がつながり、共通の土台を見つけるための場が作れたかな?と思います。


The APU MeWe HanaMe event serves as a reminder of the importance of building connections and finding joy in the simple things in life, like the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom.

APU MeWe HanaMeのイベントは、つながりを築き、桜の開花の美しさのような人生のシンプルなことに喜びを見出すことの重要性を思い出させるものでもありました✿

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